K13 & 14 KONQER Palau


K13 & 14 KONQER Palau

KONQER, PVA and Bank of Guam brings back the excitement of OCR and Ninja-styled challenges to the shores of Palau. This event is the make-good events from the 2019 schedule that were postponed due to shipment issues on December of 2019.

Register yourself or your team by visiting PVA or at our website, www.KONQERSPORTS.com.

This series completes the hugely popular 2019 Apocalypse Tour! So don't miss out!

K13 "Victory in Ngchesar" is on January 18th and continues the popular eco-based challenges that debuted in Peleliu back in 2017.

K14 "Defend the Rock" returns back to Long Island in Koror on January 19th. Participants take on role playing games as a zombie or human, all while taking on ninja-styled obstacles and OCR physical challenges.

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Special thanks to APL, Coors Light, TRIVSION Media, GoPro and DR Safety.