Hapmak Local Market

Ronney P.

Hapmak Local Market


Hapmak Local Market Is a sole proprietorship type of businesss.  It is amongst few local businesses that gathers for its target customers for locally produce farm products and handicrafts.  The business has been in operation for the last four (4) years.  Our customers always enjoyed the healthy locally avail of farm produce, and as we recently expand with the addition of locally made handicraft,  we are targeting visitors to return with a local hand made handicraft, signifying the 'Island of the Sleeping Lady' of Kosrae.

Services & Products offered

Local produce market & locally made handicrafts for sale.

Hours of Operations

Monday - Saturday: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM;  Closed on Sunday
Holidays Observed: Christmas Holiday

Other Info

Credit Cards Accepted: Not accepted

Location Map


We'd love to hear from you...

  •  Tel:
    • 691-370-7744
    • 691-970-1106
  • Physical Address:
    • Inkoeya
    • Tafunsak
    • Kosrae
    • 96944
  • Mailing Address:
    • P. O. Box 991
    • Tafunsak
    • Kosrae
    • 96944


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